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*I suppose I should Introduce myself* [Nov. 1st, 2018|07:30 pm]
Pro Ana Plus


Hello, My name is Enya, 26/f/BC CAN
here's my stats
cw- 170
h- 5'4
I am currently battling / in recovery for my addiction, PTSD, + ana/mia . As well I also struggle with Hep C, BPD, depression, severe PTSD, anxiety, severe panic attacks, insomnia, hypoglycemia and fibromyalgia.

I am also currently in dire need of support and/or friendship..provide . As well I am happy to provide support and friendship to anyone who needs it. I've just gotten back online after years of off and on homelessness, and years of living under abuse and on the brink...I danced with death on more occasions than i'd like to admit.. After losing my fiancee, my soul mate, my lover and at times like a "brother" to me.. my best friend (and only genuine friend i'vef ever truly connected with.. i've ever had, aside from my pets)

Anyways if anyone wants to chat or needs support pls feel free to add me as a friend or msg me;

Take Care everyone, Much Love
— Enya :)

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Back Again [Oct. 9th, 2015|02:23 am]
Pro Ana Plus

Nice to see a few people are coming back to post in this community.  It has been a while since I last been here.  Coming back as I have lost sight of keeping myself in control.  After having a baby in 2011 I was at my highest of 225 lbs (with baby) and I dropped to 180 lbs one year later.  Weight loss was slow as I was being conscience of my body needing the nutrients to breastfeed my son.

Moved out of state in 2013 and landed an overnight position and everything went downhill after.  My eating habits have definitely changed.  Began eating horribly and I was (still am) too unhappy to do something about it and let myself go.

My job is doing this "Biggest Loser" competition and I am determined to find my self control again, hence why I am back in this community.  Did the first weigh in and I am a whopping 222.7 lbs (horrendous!)  I'm hoping to lose at least 30 lbs by December 18th, the final weigh in.  Even if I lose the competition, it will definitely be a boost in getting my mind right on shedding this weight off.

I miss surrounding myself around like minded people in this community and I'm hoping to reconnect with some of you that are still here on.
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Tired if being the fat friend [Aug. 16th, 2015|11:49 am]
Pro Ana Plus

And fat wife. And fat evetything. And so I've bought some raspberry ketone pills. I guess we will see. I am going to start tomorrow. I'll weigh myself in tomorrow in the AM and then go from there until the bottle is gone. Wish me luck... xx
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254.8 [May. 29th, 2015|03:11 pm]
Pro Ana Plus

I've lost 7.2 lbs in the past week. Five more pounds and I'll be down to my recent low weight before I screwed everything up again. Overall in the past year, I've lost 20.2 lbs. I'd be happier about that if I hadn't gone from 215 to 275 in the first place. Oh well. Trying to fix it.

thinspo under the cutCollapse )
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Hello [May. 28th, 2015|09:56 am]
Pro Ana Plus

I've not been around for awhile. Thought I'd poke my head in and see who's still about.

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(no subject) [Mar. 21st, 2015|07:06 pm]
Pro Ana Plus

Hi everyone~Active community alert! (well, will be once YOU join!)

I noticed this community was dead so I thought it would be alright to tell you about my community I am trying to get active again- big_eds I opened big eds in 2009 as a community for bigger girls, however I have recently opened the doors to ALL eating disordered/disordered eating sufferers. We do have open membership with members only posts to protect our members from the outside. We have very few rules besides being kind, so posting is very free and fun!
Please come join me over at big_eds...because eating disorders are big problems.

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262.4 [Jun. 15th, 2014|10:31 am]
Pro Ana Plus


I knew I'd go up today from all that I ate yesterday--coffee shop food, Japanese steakhouse, pizza...ugh. Today will be spent undoing some of that damage in the form of working like a mule around the yard and house. Lots of yard to mow, cleaning to do, etc. Doesn't it seem that the more chaotic you are on the inside, the more you try to make everything around you as orderly as possible? That's how it is for me, at least; though the house (which I co-habitate for the time being with my mother) is a lost cause. In the next few years I hope to get a house of my own... something that I have complete control of. A fresh start.

 photo 011_zps7b64a35a.jpg

We're still a week away from summer's official start, but this photo seems perfect for summer. The nights are warm enough to sit with the windows open, letting the sounds of crickets and whippoorwills and frogs waft in. Even the low contrast and graininess of the picture seems to echo the haze of summer air.
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Trying to get back in the game [Jan. 26th, 2014|07:24 pm]
Pro Ana Plus

I'm trying to lose my recovery weight again. I'm failing miserably! I don't understand why I can't be thin. What am I doing wrong?! I can't stop eating...I tell myself that I'm not going to eat a lot but is always end up eating!! Someone please help me!!!

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New community [Sep. 1st, 2013|05:48 pm]
Pro Ana Plus

Hi all,
I created a new community today if anyone is interested. I loved this place when it was popular and busy, but seems like it's fallen on hard times. So until the mod comes back, if you're interested in a community much the same as this one, head over to anawasabig_girl. Check out the user info and if you like, join :)
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new kid on the block [Jul. 20th, 2013|11:05 pm]
Pro Ana Plus

Hi. I'm Natalie I'm new to LJ as well as this community. I've been looking for support everywhere and this page seems really nice. My stats: 5' 6" 125 pounds. That's awful I know but I'm working on it. My dream is to be back at 100. My goal for the month is to get to 115. I need someone tto encourage me tho bc no one but you guys know about it. I hope you all like me you seem great!
love N
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